And So, 2018...

It's been awhile since I've written a blog post on here! A lot has happened since ... geez, April 2016.

I have two books out in stores now!

Dead Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom is a YA comedy/murder mystery set at a fat camp I co-wrote with my dear friend Terry and illustrated by the awesome Matthew Seely. I'm super proud of it!

The Cardboard Kingdom is a middle grade graphic novel illustrated and orchestrated by the very talented Chad Sell and co-written by a group of about ten of us. We each created a character--mine's that little girl with a crown and a snake aka The Animal Queen--and they all live in the same neighborhood where they play, learn, fight, make up and everything you do as a kid. It's been doing extremely well and it's a great feeling that people are connecting with it. 

Other than that, I've been making con appearances. I was up at Emerald City premiering Dead Weight this year, went to a con in Juneau, TCAF and VanCaf. I'll be at Rose City in a couple of weeks, where you can pick up either book or the anthology I co-edited with Kel McDonald, Can I Pet Your Werewolf, full of sweet, romantic, funny, non-horror werewolf stories. Come say hi!

I am working on another project for Oni that I can't talk about yet so look forward to that announcement when I make it. Also, there are other things in the work that are still quite nebulous but hopefully I'll have more news on those things soon.

Thanks all of you for supporting me through this haphazard thing called being a writer. I'm doing my best to bring some quality work to you!