It has been a long time since I've updated this blog and the longer I waited, the more intimidating it became so I'm just going to suck it up and write something so that I can get over myself.

In the past seven months or so, I've gotten really into genealogy. It all started with an Ancestry free trial and now it's two binders' worth of information and a few freelance projects of doing other people's family trees. As someone fascinated by stories, heritage and in love with doing research, it was a match made in heaven. I get to piece together stories while tracking down old documents and various names and dates. I've fallen in love. 

Things I've Discovered: the real reason my great uncle Jack passed away at such a young age, the fact that my father's mother is related to at least six families that traveled the Oregon Trail and the boulevard I live off of was named after her mother's family, and that, while I do have mostly Irish roots, there's a surprising number of English ancestors and even a couple of Germans. Whenever I tweet something with the hashtag #mollyology, it's something about my family I've discovered.

This does not mean I've given up on writing. Sure, it did get put on the back burner a bit for the first few months where I was head over heels with history but now it's a mixture of both, genealogy inspiring writing and something to turn to when I get too muddled to concentrate on scripts. Things are looking good with the middle grade anthology I'm a part of and I'm currently reworking a pitch that I'm feel pretty hopeful about. Fingers crossed everything works out.

My personal life has been a bit hectic, what with weddings and minor er visits and the horrible discovery that yes, I do suffer from migraines, but focusing on other things has been very helpful. I've been slowly making my way through the Mignola-verse for the first time and am very much enjoying myself. Oh, and I got a new computer for Christmas so I'm at least running much faster than I used to. 

So, blog updated, I suppose. I promise I'll write more interesting things later, hopefully. ;)