Rose City Comic Con 2015

Oh, hey. So, I've been mysteriously absent and I'm well aware of that. I've spent the last month addicted to genealogy completely out of nowhere. It's been weird and amazing and you can see some of what I've found on my twitter under the hashtag mollyology. I'm planning to write more about it soon so look out for that. 

But this past weekend was Rose City Comic Con in my own hometown of Portland, Oregon! Which, of course, meant that I was incredibly lazy, slept in most mornings and made my way over for the last few hours of each day. It was great fun, full of awesome people selling great stuff and some fun panels. I spent time with really cool people and I honestly had a great time and discovered some great new art I want to share with you.

I found these two lovely ladies at a booth together and wanted to buy all their things but managed to restrain myself to these two. Adorable little shamrock girl is by Noel Clark and the girl in the window is by Elle Wyant. Both are my favorites and I want more art from both of these women.

I was walking quickly past Sara Talmadge's booth on my way somewhere and saw this print out of the corner of my eye and made a mental point of 'I'm coming back for that.' And then I did because how can you not need this? You do. You do need this.

I came to RCCC with a mission: buy DJ Corgi from my friend Mel. She has a whole set of DJ animals. You want them. Oh, do you want them.

Guess who I couldn't resist? It was The Gorgonist. I want ALL the things and I kind of bought them? All of her stuff is LOVELY and I adore her series of illustrated book covers (obviously) and look at little astronomy witch! And X FILES. I am a complex human being who wants all the variety of prints and this was my favorite thing and I love them all.

Rose City was great this year and I'm very very happy I went. Parties were silly, friends were lovely, art was great, new people were nice and friendly and it was pretty darn great.