And So, 2018...

It's been awhile since I've written a blog post on here! A lot has happened since ... geez, April 2016.

I have two books out in stores now!

Dead Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom is a YA comedy/murder mystery set at a fat camp I co-wrote with my dear friend Terry and illustrated by the awesome Matthew Seely. I'm super proud of it!

The Cardboard Kingdom is a middle grade graphic novel illustrated and orchestrated by the very talented Chad Sell and co-written by a group of about ten of us. We each created a character--mine's that little girl with a crown and a snake aka The Animal Queen--and they all live in the same neighborhood where they play, learn, fight, make up and everything you do as a kid. It's been doing extremely well and it's a great feeling that people are connecting with it. 

Other than that, I've been making con appearances. I was up at Emerald City premiering Dead Weight this year, went to a con in Juneau, TCAF and VanCaf. I'll be at Rose City in a couple of weeks, where you can pick up either book or the anthology I co-edited with Kel McDonald, Can I Pet Your Werewolf, full of sweet, romantic, funny, non-horror werewolf stories. Come say hi!

I am working on another project for Oni that I can't talk about yet so look forward to that announcement when I make it. Also, there are other things in the work that are still quite nebulous but hopefully I'll have more news on those things soon.

Thanks all of you for supporting me through this haphazard thing called being a writer. I'm doing my best to bring some quality work to you!

ECCC 2015 (and following)

The weekend before Easter was ECCC and clearly I was so exhausted by it that it took me a whole week to write a wrap up post. Basically the whole weekend was tiring but lovely and gave me a lot to think and reflect on, some of which I might be keeping off the blog for a while as I still mull it over. 

Terry and I drove up Thursday around noon, set up his table, checked in to our hotel and then met Cat and Ron for dinner in Pike's Market where we were given a table a lovely view. After dinner, Terry and I went back to our hotel where he drew while we watched trashy television and an alien movie. 

The con was really fun! I spent most of the weekend behind Terry's table, helping out. I wasn't tabling as I don't have anything to sell (yet!) but I'm always happy to help out a friend. Plus, I just love talking to people and seeing everyone in their costumes and just the good vibes of the convention floor. It's exhausting, yes, especially since you have to be at the con all day and network all night but for a weekend, it's well worth it.

Speaking of night networking, that was probably my favorite part. I had such a lovely time every evening! Friday night, I went to the Oni Press party, to meet up with Ron, Cat and Tally and had a great time. My editor Robin was there, who is one of my favorite people on the planet, as well as the rest of the Oni crew who are all great people and it was fun chatting with everyone. I also met and made friends with Monica Gallagher, who is awesome and has a new book that just came out called Part Time Princesses which you should probably pick up. Anyway, long story short, the night ended with Robin, Monica, Kel and myself sitting on couches in the lobby of the Sheraton hoping Cat, Tally and Ron would reappear with magical, free midnight cookies (which never happened.) So basically a great night.

Saturday, I was exhausted by the time I got back to the hotel at seven thirty with a container of cheap orange chicken and a coke and although I knew I should go out and mingle, I really just wanted to sit on my bed. So when I realized that the Dark Horse party not only didn't start until nine but was also two blocks from my hotel, I decided that was the party for me. And it was also great! I hung out more with Kel, Ron and Cat, got to talk more with Spike Trotman who I'd met earlier that day, talked with Brendan Wright and Emi , both of whom I hadn't seen in months and just generally had a lovely time. It's like a short comics summer camp and I love it.

The ride home on Sunday was tiring but all in all, it was a great weekend and I'm happy I went, even if I forgot to take a lot of pictures. Oops.

On a last, completely unrelated, funny note, Tally has been going through old sketchbooks today and posting things online. This one showed up on Facebook and I love it and have to repost it.

I shared this on my wall and Ron wrote back "I love that you're the kind of person who can meet 29 people and expect 29 friends! You are the making-friends MASTER." to which I, COMPLETELY SERIOUSLY, replied,"Why be pessimistic? Everyone's a potential friend!" Because I am a children's cartoon character.

I did it! I made a website! Oh dear, this was way more work than I thought it would be and I took the easy way out and used Squarespace. I don't know how people do this for a living...

News that the world should know: Terry and I finished the second draft of our script for our project for Oni so that's very exciting. It feels weird being almost done. We've been working on it for almost two months straight so having it be suddenly over is very strange. Although I'm working on a pitch for another project so hopefully I'll have something else to work on again soon.

Emerald City Comic Con is next weekend! I'm excited, even if I'm just going as more of an attendee than anything. I'm sure I'll be helping out at Terry's table a bit and skulking around the rest of the Periscope Studio tables when I'm not out wandering the con floor. I'm going to try and attend some panels, too. I almost never go to panels and I should really go to more. I know some friends are going to be on some awesome ones, too, so I'm going to write up a schedule and try and make it to some. If anyone knows of a panel I absolutely must not miss, let me know?

Other than that, there's not much going on. I'm currently rewatching a show I watched back in 2008 that has a talking deer in it and have, clearly, made a screencap folder called 'Deer is Judging You.' I leave you with one of my favorites from the first episode.

                                                                   'Those shoes with  that  jacket?'

                                                                   'Those shoes with that jacket?'