Currently, I make most of my living off of freelance editing. I work on my own projects as well as being a contractor for Refine Editing. I offer several types of services: 

  • Developmental Editing - Working with you to make your story the best it can be right from the beginning, through heavy analysis of plot, characters and writing style. Are your characters three dimensional? Are you skipping over plot holes? Let's check!

  • Copy Editing - Going through with a fine toothed comb and checking grammar, spelling, punctuation and consistency while suggesting ideas when things seem off.

  • Line Editing - How do your sentences sound? Are you sticking with one voice? Do you have some favorite words you over use? Awkward sentence construction? I can fix those things for you!

  • Proofreading - No comments on your actual writing, I'll just check for typos and grammar/punctuation.

  • Anything else you think you need, I'm happy to discuss with you.

I've worked with many authors in many different genres (children's, poetry, sci fi, middle grade, historical fiction, romance, etc) as well as in academia and am always happy to talk with people and figure out how to make a project work for both of us. Just shoot me an email.